After a lifetime of receiving countless promotional items, I came to a simple realization. The corporate gift market is saturated with generic trinkets, often poorly crafted from low-quality materials, sometimes unnecessary and lacking in appeal, destined for swift obscurity or, worse, the trash bin.

Moreover, these items fail to convey any meaningful value for the companies that distribute them.

In the face of the climate crisis and the belief that corporate gifts can embody sustainability, responsibility, quality, originality, and style, I founded Cadelly. My goal?

To encourage companies to prioritize high-quality gifts that are less harmful to our planet, offering items as aesthetically pleasing as they are durable, crafted by brands and individuals dedicated to environmental stewardship. This is the mission I pursue tirelessly every day!

"Research shows that 46% of individuals hold a more positive view of a company when the gift they receive is environmentally friendly. We stand at a pivotal moment to embrace sustainable choices. It's time to offer less, but offer better!"




Dedicated to quality and sustainability

At the heart of our endeavor to deliver corporate gifts that seamlessly merge aesthetics, sustainability, and environmental stewardship lies our dedicated team. We recognize the significance of mirroring your brand identity through top-tier products, which is why our selection process is meticulous, tailored to your specific requirements.

Every item undergoes thorough scrutiny to ensure alignment with rigorous standards of social and environmental responsibility (CSR), considering factors such as materials, manufacturing origin, and environmental certifications. Our team guarantees that each corporate gift not only brings joy but also embodies a pledge to eco-consciousness and sustainability.


Selection and consistency with your brand identity

We specialize in the selection of gifts for your events, for your employees or customers so that they perfectly align with your logo and the values ​​of your brand. Our team is therefore committed to sending you selections of original corporate gifts and offering you elegant branding visuals, ensuring that each product leaves a lasting impression, and reinforces your corporate identity in a professional manner.
Your satisfaction is our passion!
We are here to support you every step of the way, ensuring that the corporate gifts you choose are not only in line with your project but also truly representative of your commitment to quality and your social and environmental values.